In a video published by Ideas Creative SB, you can see over 200 unique and extremely creative ideas that have been built by skilled craftsmen like us here at Just Wood Furniture. You can get a good idea of what products we have to offer here at JWF and if you see something you really like we can recreate it for you!

In some examples, they have used nature’s garbage like old logs and sections of trees and used the beauty that they already hold and polished them up and gave them use in the home by adding simple extras like a glass surface or built-in shelf.

In others, they have carved out unique designs, sanded and polished the surfaces, and finished with various types of lacquer to bring out the grain and natural patterns, and they look stunning.

After watching the video you will see how a lot of old industrial components have been used like storage pallets and old disused cupboards and this is very typical of today and certainly helps with the environment to be recycling old things like this and putting them to use in the home.

Below are some of our favorite creative pieces for you to check over, but be sure to watch the video and then, of course, place an order with for a bespoke piece for your home or garden.

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