Our Typical Design Process

We create just furniture, well, we once did create Just Wood Furniture when we started up the company almost 36 years ago. However, since then our team has widened its horizons and expanded into a team full of passionate designers that have skills in every aspect of design. Whether its a bespoke coffee table for a rustic living room or an entire hand carved wood bed frame, our talented team can create it for you no matter your unique idea.


Probably one of the most important parts, if not the most important part of a design process is the Research. Now if you're asking yourself 'Why would you need to do research if your clients already have an idea in mind?' Here's why...

Let’s say you come to us with an idea, perhaps you want an upholstered chair, an armchair in fact. Great, there’s your idea but we have yet to see or understand the specifications of the project.

These little things needed to be ironed out first so that the project can be a success and the only way we solve these problems is by looking at our own previous work as well as work from friends and competitors in the industry, to see what sort of furniture pieces they have been producing as of late.

On top of that we will conduct or research online as well as anywhere else where you think we could draw influence from because after all, it is your project we are simply here to make it a reality.

Design Conecpt

Now the first 'real' step in the process, since people ALWAYS forget about research, even some of the professionals skip over this when creating bespoke pieces for their clients.

This process is a simple combination of simple conceptional designs, such as the type of material we’d use, maybe the way the frame is going to join together and so on.

What makes this design concept part so magnificent is that each design is totally unique and usually brought out about brainstorming with you and our team. That’s right, you’ll get to be a part of the design concept process so you can hear all the wonderful ideas and even give direction to influence the final decisions.

Small Scale Model

Now for the practical part of the design process...well sort of. In this part of the project, we would create a small scale model if the final design so we can easily identify any problems that we perhaps couldn't account for when the design is still on paper.

Building a small scale model will allow is to see how the final product will look, without wasting precious materials one a larger model that could be flawed in its design.

Not only done for its practical purposes but having a small scale model also allows to identify if the materials and textures we have chosen work well with each other, as well as they, did in our own mind’s eye.

On top of this, it will also allow us to identify which type of joinery technique is going to be most appropriate so that we can ensure the piece of furniture it going to work as intended.

Finished Product

After identifying all of the practical and design issues through the small scale design, the project is at a point where creating the finished product is a no brainer.

Since this is the finished product, we’d like to assume there will be no errors in the design, ones that may have no been picked up when creating the small scale model. This would be incorrect to do so, and if there are any problems that arise, we will fix them at this point of the project.

For those wondering, the reason why we don’t create a full-scale prototype is that we’d then have 2 of something we don’t need, and regardless of the product’s flaws, design changes are inevitable, even if you’re in love with the small scale model you and the team will always find something that needs to be changed.

So amending the final model is the simplest and most efficient way of implementing these changes than to create a prototype as if we were mass producing this furniture piece.

Putting It To The Test

The most obvious and most exciting part of the product, because this is the part the furniture piece comes life in its practical sense and this is also the part where we get to imagine the product in your living space.

Testing, an obvious but still an important part of the process. If it’s chair, we’d get someone to sit on it, if it’s a chest of drawers we’ll place the decoration on top and items in the drawers to check if everything is working and if its a shelf we’ll place something on top of it.

Now at this point, if there are any problems, we’ll revert back to the last step to iron out any issues and again we will go ahead with the testing to make sure that this product is preciously how you first imagined it.

Project Handover

Finally, together we have worked tirelessly to ensure your project is exactly how you first pictured it in your mind's eye, and now you are finally able to get your hands on it and make it a welcomed part of your home.

Once the project, we like to, with your permission, get some professional photo shots taken of the project, so that we are able to add it to our portfolio of work and because we are proud of all the projects we work on so we want to keep it with all the other furniture pieces we have worked on over the years.

If this is not the case for your project, this is then the part where we immediately show off your project as soon as its finished, whether you admire it in the studio or in your home, that’s totally up to you.

But don’t forget, if there is something, ANYTHING you do not like about the final project, please let us know and we will get it changed for you as fast as you can until you are completely satisfied.


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