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We create just furniture, well, we once did create Just Wood Furniture when we started up the company almost 36 years ago. However, since then our team has widened its horizons and expanded into a team full of passionate designers that have skills in every aspect of design. Whether its a bespoke coffee table for a rustic living room or an entire hand carved wood bed frame, our talented team can create it for you no matter your unique idea.


Bespoke Furniture

No Matter How Unique The Idea Is



Whether its for a Sofa or Stool


Handcarved Furniture

No Matter How Big or How Small

In a little more detail...

This may mean nothing to you, let's give you some more details...

Bespoke Furniture, to put it simply, if you’re confused and asking yourself what is Bespoke Furniture?

It is furniture which has been made to measure according to the clients or customer (you) specifications, allowing it to specifically fit into their home.

Having bespoke furniture in your home is certainly puts you at an advantage when you’re looking for a specific piece that needs to fit precisely into your interior space, with custom measurements and even materials, you really can’t go wrong with hiring us to create furniture for your home.

Upholstering, well we all should know what upholstering is since the practice of upholstering is all around us in your homes. Whether that’s on our armchair or on bed headboard, the materials which have been used have been ‘upholstered’ to finish off the entire design, achieving the look you desire.

What our services provide;

Our upholstery service offers you, the customer, a way of getting back the beautiful style you once had in your home by re-upholstering your outdated furniture with custom materials, whether they have been chosen by you or with our aid.

Handcarved furniture is by far are most passionate service which we provide, simply because this type of the work is the reason we have thrived for so many years and it is something we love doing, whether it’s for a client or for our own personal homes.

We have created whole bed frames that have featured unique handcarved details as well as dining room table that feature unique animal designs…

So, no matter how big the project may be or how unique your design is, we have many talented specialists who will be able to create a masterpiece worth having in your home space.

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For people with unique ideas

Perhaps you’re looking for an entire room to be renovated, or you just need use to source some materials for you, well in that case we can certainly assist you! Use our contact form below to get in touch and let us know what it is you have in mind.



We ensure all our customers are satisfied with their product before we call a close on the deal, and when there are amendments that need to be made, we make sure they're done in a timely manner. Our customer's Testimonials reflect this exact process!


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