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If you've got a question about our services or even about our wonderful team, then feel free to ask using a question using the contact form at bottom of this page. For your convenience, see the FAQ section to see if one of your questions has been answered before, so you can get a fast solution to your issue or inquiry.


My legs/base are broken? Can I get a replacement?

All legs and bases are guaranteed for 1 year by default. If you experience some form of damage is breakage in that time, our customer service staff will be more than happy to help you.

My sofa creeks when in use, why?

Please allow, 1-2 weeks after delivery, for your sofa to be properly worn in, as this is a normal issue you will find will all sofa’s you purchase. Wearing your sofa in should fix this problem, if it does not, after 2 weeks of no change please contact our Customer Service staff as they will be able to assist you with this issue.

How do I make my cushions last longer?

Regularly fluff, flip and rotate your cushions. It also helps to switch out the cushions you rarely use from time to time so you are able to get full use out of them all equally.

Fuzz balls on my fabric?

These are called ‘pilling’

Pilling is common in many upholstery fabrics and materials and is simply just the release of excess fabric that forms into a ball or a pile. This, however, is not a defect and is more so characteristic of the material, and you will be pleased to know this eventually stops once all access fabric has been removed, which can be done so intentionally with a furniture or sweater shaver.

Will the fabric on my new furniture match with the one in store?

Sometimes, a roll or fabric may vary slighting from order to order, this is due to the dye change that can happen from the manufacturer of the material, but rest assured in most cases the color change is not significant enough that you will be able to notice it.

If you have an order placed and are concerned with how the finished material may look, please get in touch and we will ship a CFA piece to you for your approval before we create your order.

Sofa/Chair filler is firming than the floor model. Why?

In many cases, your new foam will need around 90days of everyday use to break in properly, so it can become as firm as you imagined it to be.

If this is not the case, and after 90 days use it does not soften up to how you like, we have other filler options our Customer Service Staff will be able to discuss with you if you’re seeking a replacement option.


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