The Company's History

We bring a crafted and inspired an approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back to purchase more fabulous furniture.

Just Wood Furniture was little more than a dream in 1981 when we first opened up the store, a dream that we could supply anyone who was looking for custom wood furniture with high-quality pieces at prices’ they simply couldn’t argue.

Now, almost 38 years on, Just Wood Furniture managed to achieve their dream, supplying bespoke wood furniture to our wonderful customers for little under a decade.

But unknown to us on that happy day in 1981, we would not realize how much we would evolve as a company over the years, with more employee’s meant more talented people and more talented people meant that we could offer more than just bespoke furniture services to our customer’s.

Where Our Expertise Lies

Creating bespoke wood furniture will always be our true passion and where we have the most joy of doing business with our customers and clients but, since expanding the team, we now have expertise in many different areas of design.

Just Wood Furniture has evolved into a talented team that is able to complete furniture tasks that require more than just bespoke furniture design.

Our team members now understand what makes a good upholstery furniture piece, what hand carved details help to compliment a room and as always, just what wood furniture will help a room finally get the look it deserves.

Some Of The Team

The entire team brings a crafted and inspired approach to every project they work on, which is why no matter the service or design you want creating, there will be a memeber of the team perfect for the task at hand.

Nylah Morrison
Upholstery Expert
Honey Tomlinson
Bespoke Furniture Designer
Wallace Sutton
Handcarved Furniture Expert

We approach every product with the mindset as if it were our own, and our very last.

We do this because it gets us into the mentality that this piece has to be as good if not better than the last project we created and also because hypothetically speaking it is our last project we will create. Doing this allows us to always create our best work to ensure the client is more than satisfied with the final product.

Our award-winning methods never fail us, we always complete any project this way and that’s why we as a company, swear by it because it is fundamentally impossible for us to create anything less than perfection in the eye of our customers.

Sound interesting? Why not check out the full Design Process...

As a whole, we’d like to talk about more on the approach and methods we use to create the fabulous work we do. That’s why we want to walk you through the entire ‘Design Process‘ so you can get a true understanding of how we go about things at Just Wood Furniture.

Check out our entire Design Process here.

The Facts and Numbers

The entire team bring a crafted and inspired approach to every project they work on, which is why no matter the service or design you want creating, there will be a memeber of the team perfect for the task at hand.

Over 5,200 Happy and Clients

Our wonderful Clients and Customer have used us our service for just ove 38 years.

Experts In All Things Design

Whether its creating bespoke furniture or changing upholstery on your dressing stool, there is a member of the team for it all.

Over 7,350 Projects Completed

We build great relationships with our customers and that's why after commissioning us for one peice of work, they always come back to get more high qualiity products from us.


We ensure all our customers are satisfied with their product before we call a close on the deal, and when there are amendments that need to be made, we make sure they're done in a timely manner. Our customer's Testimonials reflect this exact process!


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