Unless you want to sit on a blanket every time you’re outdoors, you need some furniture in your backyard. But can you set outdoor furniture directly on the grass? 

At Just Wood Furniture, we know that he answer is YES and no. Of course, depending on how long you want to keep the furniture there?

How To Protect Your Grass

Patio furniture can kill your grass. You don’t have to take up all of your yard with grass, but when you do, you have to keep it in shape.

  • Move furnishing around as often as possible, so greenery can feed on light.
  • In case of not so often, keep an eye for bald and darker patches.
  • Aerate often.

How To Prep Grass Areas for Furniture

You can put chairs and tables directly on the lawn, but understand, this could eventually kill the grass if you don’t take special precautions. 

  • Start with a level spot in the yard; too much of a slope won’t work
  • The area should be dry and firm
  • Use furniture with wide feet for stability
  • Put pavers under the furniture feet to keep it from sinking into the ground
  • Rearrange the furniture frequently; at least once a week, to prevent dead spots
  • Ensure all areas of the lawn receive enough sunlight and water
  • Aerate the lawn often
  • Remove the furniture if the grass starts to die; then follow these seven steps to revive the lawn

The type of furniture you use plays a big role in how successful a “grass patio” will be. Too much moisture and wood furniture may rot. One alternative is to look into materials that are sustainable and durable, like bamboo. 

Don’t Do It

Once you have your lush lawn shining like an emerald, you may not want to risk losing any of it; reason enough to keep furnishings inside. Keep in mind: There’s more to think about than just the lawn. Not only can the moisture in the soil and grass cause uneven surfaces for chairs and tables, it can rot the furniture itself. A solid patio or deck surface that doesn’t retain water keeps your divan divine much longer than grass.

So you don’t want to risk ruining your lawn or your furniture, but can’t afford a patio or deck? You can still set up chairs and a table outside at a lower cost.

Have You Considered Artificial Grass?

artificial grass

Artificial grass is a great compromise. 

Lay down a spot just large enough for your furniture and leave the rest of your lawn fresh and natural. If your furniture is heavy, you’ll need thicker turf to keep it level. And you may want to rearrange the furniture every so often to keep it from leaving indentations in the artificial grass.

Other materials to use when creating an inexpensive patio space include gravel and concrete or brick pavers. These provide a dry, level spot to place outdoor furniture. Or put down a tarp or rug. 

Some Even Use Plywood. 

If you have a special occasion coming up or any other reason to set up yard furniture, go ahead and put it on the grass – if you have a dry, level area. But don’t plan on leaving it there. Instead, plan for the future, when you can create a permanent spot for your table and chairs.


While it is possible to put patio furniture straight on grass, you need careful preparation to prevent damage to both the furniture and the grass.

Alternatives such as artificial grass, gravel, concrete or brick pavers, and even plywood can create a more stable surface for outdoor furniture. Consider the type of furniture, the level of moisture in the soil and grass, and the amount of sunlight and water the lawn receives. With proper precautions, it is possible to enjoy outdoor furniture on grass for special occasions, but for long-term use, we recommend to create a permanent patio or deck space.