At Just Wood Furniture, we know that there’s always been a debate when it comes to choosing between custom-made and mass furniture. Buying and owning furniture is not like the old days. In the modern era, the interior of your home is a part of your personality and your style statement. It reflects your mood and your choices.

People are going for custom-made furniture these days. Although mass furniture buying is more convenient, yet more and more consumers want custom-made designs.

Quality Factor

The most integral aspect of furniture is its quality.

The life and durability of the furniture depend upon the quality of the materials used. Custom handmade furniture is always prepared with great care in terms of good quality components, whereas mass-produced furniture may not always provide the best quality. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the quality, but because they are being created in bulk, there are chances that the quality may not always be the same.

Hand-carved Furniture

Carved furniture looks very stylish and artistic. The fineness of hand-carved furniture is truly unmatchable. Handmade furniture speaks for itself. The details and carefulness can be seen in the carvings. Floral patterns may be displayed in the mass-produced furniture, but in the case of handmade furniture, a human touch is the most eminent feature.

Customized Furniture

Another element that distinguishes handmade furniture from mass furniture is that you can make it according to your own design. You can order the manufacturer to design the furniture of your choice, tell them to add what you like and ask them to avoid what’s not your style mantra.

There are designs you may like in mass produce furniture, but sometimes you may not like the color or the material. With handmade furniture, you always have unlimited options.

Environmental Factor

Mass furniture is built in huge factories, and they have to collect the building materials from all around the world. To preserve the wood, a lot of synthetics are used. Some of these may be harmful to health, and others might have a disgusting odor. Custom-made furniture, on the other hand, is made from local building materials or sustainable wood sources, which means no use of smelly preservatives.

The Uniqueness Of Custom Made Furniture

Custom-made furniture has become a status symbol in many societies. People buy antique furniture to complement their homes and to satisfy their aesthetic sense. In fact, the true beauty of custom-made furniture is pretty evident in its uniqueness. Every piece is fine and unique.

Mass-produced furniture usually lacks the distinguishing element. Most people buy mass furniture for most of their home décor, and therefore, they seem monotonous.

Resale Of Custom-made Furniture

Most of the time, a piece of mass furniture may get worn out in a year or so. On the other hand, antique furniture will gain more value as it gets older. The antique-style furniture never loses its charm. People will always like to add antique pieces into their home décor.

The Most Happening Custom Made Furniture

Dining chairs are the most in demand when it comes to handmade designs, upholstered furniture and none upholstered. Long-legged, light-colored, no-shiny chairs are the ultimate choice of many people.

If you have a lovely outdoor space to adorn with unique handmade items then we can go wild with the designs and base them on your local environment or something to your own personal taste. Designs like these patio furniture pieces made from wood are often basic in their appearance when bought from mainstream stores due often being mass-produced as the tooling for the production is cheaper and easier to build but we can go to extreme lengths to make your patio furniture like no other on the market!

Custom-made kitchen tables pictures can be seen on Instagram cooking accounts. Others love to have them too. These hardwood tables are in high demand. Dining tables are also made with hard and unpolished wood.

Antique-style beds always give a sense of royalty. It gives the bedroom a more authentic and classic look. These beds have a long life and are made of the finest wood.

Custom-made chests, commodes, and center tables are also very popular among consumers.


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