When it comes to the guest bedroom you have two options. It can be just another room in your house where friends and relatives spend a few nights.

Or it can be a space where you make them feel like they’re on a holiday!

No matter the size of the space, your personal style, your budget, how bold or minimalist you want to go, we’ve put together a list of 12 dreamy guest bedroom designs that will have your guests fighting over who gets to come over next!

Important! Guest rooms are often the subject of pest infestations spreading. Learn more about the signs of bed bugs.

Beach Guest Bedroom DesignsBeach bedroom interior design tips and ideas

We had to start with the beach theme because this is, possibly, the most popular one. When decorating a coastal-themed guest bedroom it all begins with the colors you use.

Go for turquoise, light blue, aqua, and shades of sea foam. Add in a sandy or dune-colored wallpapers to enhance contrast.

Don’t forget about the accessories!

  • Add palm-shaped bed posters,
  • wooden armchairs to tie in the room together,
  • wooden frames for the paintings that depict sailboats,
  • and, of course, wooden floors.

Disney Guest Bedroom Designs

Disney bedroom design ideaA Disney-themed guest bedroom will be an absolute delight for couples with children that come visit. But that doesn’t mean the adults can’t enjoy it as well if you design it properly! First of all, choose a theme.

This will be a theme inside a design, so to say. Disney has a lot to offer, and it will easier for you if you pick a lane and stick to it.

Once you’ve done that, add decorations according to the theme. A blue and gold pattern for Beauty and the Beast, light blues and crystal decorations for Cinderella, wooden furniture and pink accents for Sleeping Beauty. Go one step further and set up this guest bedroom in a brand new garden room. It will make your guests feel more connected to the theme!

Regardless if you prefer metal bedframes or wood, you can design to fit. Learn about the pros and cons of MDF vs solid wood.

Guest Bedroom Designs with a Reading Nook

A bedroom with a reading nook

Here’s a fantastic idea for guests who adore reading.

Why not set up a reading nook in your guest bedroom?
It’s a lot easier than you think!

You only have to redesign a corner of the room, preferably the one next to the window.

  • Remake the window and take the glass as far outside as possible.
  • Use the free space to set up the nook itself.
  • Add a wooden rocking chair where they can relax with a good book and a small coffee table for drinks and cake.
  • Don’t forget about the wooden shelves crowded with reading material!

Consider bespoke wooden furniture to bring your dreams to life. Learn more about our designing process here.

Guest Bedroom Designs with a Work Space

Bedroom design with work area

Being a good host means catering to your guests’ every need. Therefore, you can take a cue from fancy hotels and allow your guests to work as well while they are at your house.

  • Set up a beautiful wooden desk on one side of the room with enough space for their laptop and work things.
  • Don’t forget to add any stationary they might need as well as a small coffee machine or a selection of tea bags for their comfort.

Believe us when we tell you they will appreciate it!

Hollywood Themed Guest Bedroom Designs

We have it!

There’s only one way to make your guests feel like a star, and that’s with a Hollywood inspired bedroom.

This is the one bedroom idea design where your imagination can run rampant.

  • Use luxurious satin bedsheets,
  • Hang giant movie posters on the walls,
  • Put a portrait of Marilyn Monroe,
  • Install a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
  • Don’t forget about a small wooden vanity table in a corner where they can do their makeup exactly like the starlets of old used to.
  • A mirror above the bed will complete the narcissist take on this Hollywood bedroom!

Paris Guest Bedroom Design

From Hollywood, we fly straight to Paris but only for a few nights.

French paris bedroom design

At least, that’s what your guests will get to experience. A Parisian-style interior guest bedroom must be filled with flowers because the city itself has countless gardens. It must also be decorated in soft, pastel colors, such as baby pinks and lavenders.

Display a model Eiffel Tower in a corner of the room to make your guests feel like they are actually in the city of lights. And if you really want to pamper them, leave expensive French toiletry on their table – Dior and Guerlain should do the trick!

Guest Bedroom Designs that Are Pet-Friendly

Guest bedroom pet-friendly

Another way to make your guests feel welcomed is by encouraging them to bring their pets when they stay at your house. Furnish the room with custom-made wooden beds for their pet. You can also make some slight modifications to the door of the bedroom.

This means adding a cat or doggy door that the pet can use without bothering its owner.

Rustic Guest Bedroom Designs

Rustic bedroom for guests

Here’s another design idea that you can set up in your shed or summer house. It’s also one that works best if you populate it with wooden furniture and leather finishes. Rustic bedroom designs are universally loved because they have such a homely feel.

That’s what you have to focus on!

The color palette can be an inviting dance of beige, brown, and nudes while your wooden furniture can be kept in its original lush mahogany. Add a pop of color here and there with red bed linen and make the guest bedroom more interesting with a fake fireplace.

Don’t forget about warm lighting fixtures that reflect upward rather than downward.

60s Inspired Guest Bedroom Designs

Sixties bedroom designThe 60s represent one of the most beautiful decades of the 20th century in terms of design and color palettes.

We saw the rise of the Peacock Revolution, the Flower Power movement as well as tie-dye patterns and hippie motives. All that can be reflected in the guest bedroom you will be creating.

Everything in this room has to be retro.

Think bold geometric patterns for your wallpaper and minimalist furniture.

Dramatic color combinations are a must because that’s what the 60s were all about. Red, orange and yellow, blue and green, lime, pink, and yellow, a teenager favorite in that decade and, the one we’re sure you’ve seen in your grandma’s house – mustard orange and lime green.

Do you have a vinyl collection?

Think about growing one!

There is nothing as vintage as a good old record player along a shelf of hand-picked vinyl.

Guest Bedroom Designs with a Romantic Touch

Romantic bedroom design

Think about this guest bedroom idea as a romantic retreat where your friends can feel as if they’re on their second honeymoon. It should be intimate and almost boudoir-like. Therefore, cozy furniture and decorations are in order. Use as many area rugs and curtains as you can to give this bedroom an air of privacy.

  • The color palette should, of course, focus on pinks and reds, the colors of love and passion.
  • Decorate the room with scented candles, vases filled with roses and peonies, and leave expensive chocolates on the pillows.

Moroccan Guest Bedroom Designs

Moroccan bedroom design tips

This guest bedroom is all about colors and patterns. The shades most used are turquoise, purple, blue, and coral. These are the predominant colors you will see if you study Moroccan architecture and interiors closely.

And what Moroccan bedroom would be complete without silk curtains hanging loosely from the ceiling? Just bear in mind the fabrics, advice the Proctor Drapery experts. Some are too delicate and cause a tone of issues down the road.

Keeping in line with the tone of the room, the curtains should be aqua or sapphire in color. Other items could include a wooden room separator and a large wooden four poster bed that will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into 1001 Arabian Nights.

British Guest Bedroom Designs

What comes to mind when you think of English interior design?
Elegance, good taste, refinement?

That is exactly what you need to replicate in your guest bedroom.

  • Start with flowery wallpaper and continue with massive, traditional wooden furniture. If you can find some that replicate actual Victorian furniture, all the better.
  • Add a few touches that are more ‘on the nose’ so to say. They will put your guests in mind of London and its gorgeous sights. This could mean a table lamp shaped like a classic, red telephone booth, a bookcase shaped like Big Ben, a painting of London’s skyline or a portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the wall.

What do you think of these guest bedroom designs?

Are you ready to splash out and give your friends and family the best experience they’ve ever had staying at your house? Or do you simply wish they would do it instead and you were the guest?

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