At Just Wood Furniture, we know that using wood is a home aesthetic option that never truly goes out of style. But, the way you thread and weave it through your overall home aesthetic may change – depending especially on the style choices across not only the rest of the room, but your home as a whole.

Perhaps there is such a thing as too rustic (forgive us now if this is too blasphemous). To view more on wooden furniture, focusing on design, check out our Guest Bedroom designs with wooden furniture

Therefore, there are a few ideas which you can use to help incorporate more wooden pieces into your home as an interesting wooden accent without overwhelming.

You can do so by going after:

Bespoke Bookcases  

One of the easiest and nicest ways to incorporate more interesting wooden pieces into your home is via bookcases. An important part of our homes, they house our book and escapes to other realities – so, why not splash out on an extra special wooden finish to highlight this importance? 

With a bookshelf, you can get several bespoke options that cater to both your style and the space available. The fact is that bookshelves can be boats, they can be circular, and they can even be a map of the world if your goals stretch that far. Your imagination is often the only limit to discovering the best bespoke bookcase for your home. 

Whatever your choices, make sure that you use good quality wood. As quality is often better indicated by the quality of materials used when it comes to bookcases more than anything else. 

woman with bookcase
woman with bookcase

Candle Holders

Wood and fire aren’t two elements that you would typically associate with one another.

However, a bespoke candle holder or tea light votive can add a whole new level of interest to your interior. And wood is a perfect material to craft such a piece. 

Picking up wood on a Sunday walk isn’t something you might consider doing usually. But, keep your eyes peeled. A piece may catch your eye and strike you as something interesting enough to put on display in your home. In which case, not only are you adding something which holds the interest of natural wood. But, you are also adding a homemade and handcrafted element into your living space as well. All you have to do is carve out space for your candle or tea lights! (Which is easy, don’t worry). 

Rustic Home Office 

Do you work from home or regularly use a desk at home?

Then forego the cheap alternatives you can find in any budget furniture store, instead turn to the bespoke nature of wood. A naturally wooden desk is not only stylish, but it can improve your motivation to get stuff done – no, really! The better you enjoy your home design, desk, and all, the more motivated and happier you are overall.  

And the best thing about a dedicated home office space, if you have one, is that you can easily incorporate more wooden pieces. Frames, wooden notice boards, shelving, and even extra storage (think of a filing system) or these storage trunks can all be made out of the same or aesthetically matching wood. The more natural your home office, the more interesting a place it will be for you to work in. 

Check our guide on standard door sizes to learn more about the entrance.

Coasters & Placemats 

Incorporating wood into your home doesn’t always have to be done in a showboating kind of way.

Instead, you can choose to accent your whole home with wood in smaller, more interesting, ways. Think coasters, placemats, and other smaller bits of decorative items. 

Using smaller pieces like this to highlight the beauty of wood, without overwhelming the room, can fantastic little highlights. It is also a budget-friendly way to incorporate the nice aesthetic of real wood, without the cost of bigger pieces. 

Wooden Chandeliers

No, really. Your lighting can use more wood. And what’s more interesting than a bespoke wooden chandelier? These come in many styles and depend entirely on the aesthetic choice of the artist, because it is art. So, you will have to shop around if you want to find something which fits your house’s aesthetic more accurately. 

But there are some important things to consider when buying a bespoke chandelier. First things first, size. Will the piece fit into your room without becoming overbearing?

Or will people run the risk of hitting their head on it? Ideally, restrict larger chandeliers to big rooms that can handle the space. 

wooden lamp

Also, consider the aesthetic you want to aspire to with the chandelier. As you can easily choose to follow a more traditional or more modern styling when choosing your chandelier. Your contemporary furniture choices can fit with almost any style, but if you are aiming for a more traditional appearance then be sure to consider this carefully as you choose a chandelier.

At the end of the day, you can incorporate more wood into your home quite easily. Simply consider your space and the pieces available to you, then slowly piece them together throughout your home to create a cohesive wooden aesthetic through these spectacular accents. 

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