At Just Wood Furniture, we know that there are plenty of coffee table trends to incorporate into your home.

Materials like glass, wood, metal, marble, are widely used to build coffee tables. Among those, the wooden-type coffee table is the most common and inexpensive type used by most. Besides the fact that the material is natural and typically available anywhere, it can be easily obtained without having to go through a comprehensive manufacturing process.

So this is usually what most people choose when shooting for DIY coffee tables.

Moreover, with the use of DIY tools, which are all available at Productspy, you can produce a masterpiece wooden coffee table yourself. If you are handy with woodwork or simply want to learn then check out these 16000 woodworking plans with easy to follow detailed drawings that include coffee tables.

Here are the fantastic types of woods that you can use to create a coffee table that you may want to add to your lovely homes:


Hardwoods like oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and walnut are durable and sturdy types of woods. Some furniture manufacturers tend to use this material due to its hardy parts and durability because it is a seasoned wood product usually harvested from a large tree. Although it is a sort of weighty material, the smaller size of the set is the best coffee table produced from this tree because you can easily manage to move it to its perfect spot. To arrive at a natural wooden-looking appearance, finish it out with a clear gloss lacquer and a varnish film.

oak wood example

Mahogany wood example

maple wood example



An affordable wooden species of softwood can also be a perfect choice for coffee tables that includes pine and fir. Its soft and populous kind of component that could be easily crafted into various forms to design a coffee table makes it a pleasure to work with.

You can create the concept you want for a coffee table because it’s lighter and easier to cut. When done, paint it to protect against bugs with your desired color.

Manufactured Board

Plywood is also a good source of wooden material to create a DIY coffee table. P

lywood, also known as engineered wood or man-made wood not too dissimilar to MDF, comprises a variety of wood items produced by joining or fastening threads, fibers, or wood boards together with adhesives or other composite-forming gluing methods. Because of its toughness, marine plywood is the popular form of plywood, and it comes in various thicknesses.

You can easily come up with creative shapes of coffee tables in plywood and coat them with paint. The curve design is often applied by most.

Bamboo Type

A coffee table with a primitive look and style is made of bamboo materials. Bamboo is a lot like wood, but generally, it’s a tree and is a great sustainable material. A stylish and trendy bamboo design will bring out the delight of your coffee time. Its uniqueness is a product of careful and creative workmanship that requires close attention to details. Place some coffee table mats to level out the surface and prevent coffee spillage. DIY bamboo coffee tables are somewhat challenging to accomplish but there are internet-searchable video tutorials to direct you through the task. Combined with framing and a glass top, and with a floral centerpiece, your coffee time experience will be more exciting and fun.

Treatment & Maintenance

If your coffee table seems to be a little worn and used, a quick washing process will make it look fresh in any moment. You can clean the table without a strong chemical solution with warm water and a bit of soap. Potent chemicals can potentially damage the design and color of the wood.

To maintain its perfect condition, don’t mistreat the furniture. Thorough cleaning after every use of the table is the key. Do not leave a single mess on it, otherwise, it will be stuck on the surface. Protect your table from environmental damage display it in a safer location.

A home made coffee table made from up-cycled door

A home made coffee table made from an up-cycled door


Final Words,

The type of woods preference for a coffee table can be determined by the information about the resources, design, and cost of materials. In any DIY application, the cost, the availability of materials, as well as the handling process, is the main component. With the above details on wooden materials, I hope that your coffee table DIY project will prove to be the best masterpiece.
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