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A Christmas Tree, Furniture or Plant?

The Christmas tree becomes part of the furniture for a while. But is it an item of furniture or merely a house plant? Or tree… We are here to find out the origins of the Christmas tree and some interesting facts about it. 

Christmas Tree History

We have used the evergreen symbol throughout winter festivals for thousands of years. Originally as a Pagan symbol (the evergreen naturally meaning new life and hope), the evergreen symbolizes prosperity and new growth and life, which would have been important to early farmers and people with agricultural traditions.  

what is the history of the christmas tree
what is the history of the christmas tree

Christmas Tree History Pagan

To answer this question: Yes!

It is a pagan tradition, as many things which are now associated with Christians started off as. The pagans also decorated the arms of the Fir. 

Why is the Christmas Tree a Fir?

Because this tradition started off in Northern Europe, the firs would have been one of the most readily available evergreen trees art at that time. Purely consequential. 

Upside down Christmas tree history.

In early depictions of the Christmas tree, it is seen hanging upside down from the roof using ropes or chains. No one really knows why, maybe they thought it looked better@?!

Christmas tree history pagan
Christmas tree history pagan

The First Christmas Tree

Before there were Christmas tree farms, there was the first Christmas tree. This has been long disputed by two different towns in two different countries. The first being Tallinn in Estonia (1441) and Riga in Latvia (1510). We know not much of these medieval trees and it hard’s to get proof and solid evidence. But we have stated both that the people danced around them, and then the tree was lit on fire. Perhaps like a yule log of today’s tradition. Back then this would have been one separate country – Livonia. 

After this – all of Europe seemed to jump on the bandwagon. Shortly after this, we see Germany in 1521, taking this tradition to new levels. Decorating the tree with nuts, dates, and paper flowers. 

This was, however, all taking part in the village squares or town squares. All the members of the village come together to sing songs, do traditional dances, then light the tree on fire. 

Perhaps the first recorded instance of someone having a Christmas tree in their home is the famous German preacher Martin Luther. It is perhaps very much suspicious that such a powerful man is credited with the start of this tradition. So it could be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when we know that the custom originated from Latvia. 

What Was Tinsel Originally Made of?

Tinsel was originally made from strips of beaten silver, which was relatively expensive, and only available to the middle classes at the time. 

Today you will easily find a Christmas tree farms near me/Christmas tree shop/Christmas tree store, even Christmas tree shop coupon to get your money off! But when you do, please take a moment to remember the history of Christmas trees, and what one represents. 

Christmas Tree at Home

According to the Christmas tree at Fantastic Gardeners, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh greenery at home. Artificial Christmas trees are OK, but they are not the same as the real thing! Find out other ways to accent your home here.


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